Hey guys! After getting some feedback from readers that they were confused about where FIRST fell into the Crescent Chronicles reading order, I decided to simplify things with the FOREVER release. Instead of releasing FOREVER separately, I’m going to be bundling FIRST, FOREVER, and a wedding/honeymoon bonus story together into one book called FIRST & FOREVER. I’ll be labeling this edition Crescent Chronicles #4 to make it clear, and it will be releasing on August 11th!

Cover design:  Once Upon a Time Covers

Levi's got it all. He's a paranormal prince with more money and power than he knows what to do with, but something is missing—a mate. He only has until college graduation to find her. Allie's perfect but she wants nothing to do with him. When attraction becomes something more, will he take a chance and show her who he really is or will he lose everything?


Levi's almost out of time. Allie's the one, he knows it in every grain of his being, but how can he make her see it? Desperate to keep Allie safe and at his side, he takes the biggest risk of his life. Reckless or not there is nothing he wouldn't do to keep her with him... forever.

Posted on July 24, 2014 .