Seduction's Kiss Release!

Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce that Seduction's Kiss, the prequel novella to The Allure Chronicles is now available! This novella was previously released in The Midnight Kiss Collection this fall, but this independently released version has a special preview of Lure (The Allure Chronicles #1) in the back. Best of all, it's available for FREE on many e-book retailers! 


Never agree to a road trip to New Orleans with your roommate. At least not when your roommate is dragging you along while she reconnects with an ex-boyfriend. Possible consequences of failing to take my advice:

1) Unknowingly going out with a vampire stripper.
2) Getting kidnapped by said vampire's nest mates.
3) Falling head over heels for your winged hero.
Believe it or not number 3 is the worst one, especially when no one believes you that he exists.

*New Adult Paranormal Romance - Prequel Novella to the Allure Chronicles*
Posted on January 29, 2015 .