Not everything is as it seems in the Half Light... New Adult/Mature YA Sci-Fi Romance

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What if the one you thought was your savior was actually your captor?

The earth was never destroyed. A few words uttered by a stranger change Rachel’s life forever. After years of believing earth is gone, Rachel discovers that she cannot trust anything she thought was true or anyone she thought she loved, including the alien prince she was bound to spend her life with. Terrified and angry she takes a chance— and returns to earth.

College sophomore Noah is just going through the motions. He is numb to everything and everyone since tragedy took his brother away far too soon. All he wants to do is survive another year of school until everything changes— he meets her.

Not quite sure what to make of Rachel’s sudden appearance on his doorstep, Noah offers her help, and she unwittingly pulls him into a mess of intergalactic proportions. As the stakes are raised, their attraction to one another builds into something so much more than stardust.

*New Adult/ Mature Young Adult*

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Nothing is as it seems.

Rachel’s entire life has changed in a blink of an eye. Betrayed by everyone she believed she could trust, the one shining light in all the chaos is the intensity of her growing bond with Noah.

Noah is on a ship hurdling through space. That reality should be the hardest one for him to accept, but it’s not. He is still trying to wrap his head around how he got so lucky with Rachel. He also has his older sister, Angie, to worry about. She is off recruiting an army with alien warrior Kelby, and he is not so sure he’s okay with that.

As tensions rise, they must all find a way to work together if they want any chance of saving earth.

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They are all trapped under a starless sky…
It turns out correcting the balance of the universe is harder than anyone could have imagined. Noah and Rachel’s mission to find Caspian’s starmate is interrupted when aliens board their ship. Noah is sent into his worst nightmare, while Rachel is forced to continue on alone. Across the galaxy, Angie is trying to survive her training mission while fighting her growing feelings for Kelby. Heading back to Andrelexa, Caspian is still completely in love with Rachel, and determined to do anything to ensure her protection.
When communications go down throughout the galaxies, being lost in space takes on a whole new meaning.
Half Light, the romantic space opera, continues with Starless. 

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